Soppressata Salami: Cured Meat Of The Day

Soppressata Salami Of The Day

Origins of Soppressata Salami

This cured meat comes from Italy, with variations from the regions of of Basilicata, Apulia, Calabria, Tuscany, and Liguria. Soppressata salami was traditionally made with the leftover parts from pig butchering. This includes the tongue, belly, and stomach. However, depending on where it’s made, it can be made up of prime cuts of pork, or even beef.

How Do You Pronounce Soppressata?

It s a lot tougher to spell than to pronounce! Check out the video above to learn how to say it like a true Italian. It even sounds delicious! Soppressa is the singular form of the word, and the root “pressare” means “to press”. This is actually part of the process of making any salami, as it is required to press out all the air when filling the casings.

What Else Is In Soppressata Salami?

Soppressata Salami

As we stated above, sopressata salami is usually made with pork. It contains a higher fat content than most salami types and has a rustic appearance. There are two types of soppresata. The mild soppressata salami is seasoned with salt, pepper and wine. Hot soppressata is seasoned with red pepper flakes, pepper, salt, paprika, and wine. The two types of salami are smoked lightly to ensure it loses an adequate amount of moisture.

What To Do With It?

Of course, soppressata can be enjoyed on its own in any charcuterie platter. It has recently become popular as an alternative pizza topping to pepperoni. It adds a distinct peppery bite, and can freshen up sandwiches, soups, and even salads. This cured meat pairs well with mild cheeses to contrast their flavors. Pair it with a Merlot and Zinfandel to really get your taste buds in a trance. We’ve also found success adding sweet dried fruits such as figs with the spicier versions of soppressata.


Source: By Giuseppe Cucco – Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

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